A list of my published articles and articles that I have been featured in, both online and in print. 


This was a paper that I co-wrote during my time as a 3D tutor and vfx researcher at The University of Dundee.  You can view the article here:  2011 Siggraph Papers


The original image (left) and the digital sculpt (right). 

The original image (left) and the digital sculpt (right). 

Lost Objects Exhibition at the Cuming Museum

In 2015 I was approached by artist Janetka Platun to re-create an artifact from a single image.  The artifact was lost in a fire and the recreation was to be 3D printed to be included as part of an exhibition.  

There are two articles on the exhibition below.

Article 1

Article 2

Artist Interview:  Digital Tutors / PluralSight

Back in 2013 I was approached by Digital Tutors to be interviewed for their 'Featured Artist' segment.  This was  in response to one my workshops being featured as the 'Top Training Product of the Month' in 3D world. You an read the interview below. 

Featured Artist Interview with Digital Tutors



Creative Bloq Twitter Article

in 2014 I was featured in Creative Bloq's ' 20 Twitter accounts every 3D artist should follow' article. This was really humbling and it was a great honor to be included on the same list as some of the industry's most influential artists. 

'20 Twitter Accounts every 3D artist should follow'