Conveying the intricacies of Maya in a clear and engaging way is not an easy thing to do, but Pat manages to make it look easy. As a Maya instructor myself, I look forward to every one of Pat’s training packages, not only for inspiration regarding how best to explain complicated concepts to art students, but because I always manage to learn something new with each lesson. Pat Imrie’s work is always beautiful, his instruction clear and accessible, and his passion for the work immediately apparent. He sets the standard for art instruction
— Brad Groatman, Animator/VFX Artist

An incredibly dedicated teacher, Pat is both patient and well prepared. Not only does he have a good grasp of the material he is presenting, he understands how to best convey it to his students in an organised manner while remaining flexible in his teaching. Always willing to help when needed, he is easy to communicate with and capable of giving good constructive feedback
— Cæcilie Rahbek, Student at The Animation Workshop

I had the pleasure of working closely with Pat on several films whilst at Double Negative. He was an invaluable colleague and friend as I found my feet as a Junior Rigger; his guidance and patience built my confidence and I look forward to the chance to work with him again.
— Charlotte Roberts, Technical Artist at Creative Assembly

Having worked with Pat in the past I fully anticipated him being a strong member of the 3D team, however his contributions went beyond my own expectations, and ultimately proved invaluable to the success of the project.

Pat is technically adept as well as an excellent communicator, and he was able to quickly express the design constraints of the project to my team. His workflow was consistently professional, and his natural predisposition towards teaching meant that any issues the 3D team experienced during production were swiftly resolved.

Pat is an asset to any production, whether game or film focused, and I greatly look forward to working with him again
— Paul Canavan, Art Director at Axis Animation

I worked with Pat during my time at The Story Mechanics and he oversaw the 3D elements of the production as well as being the lead 3D modeller. His approach was highly professional and I was impressed by the speed and quality of his work during the short period of production. As a junior artist it was inspiring to have someone of Pat’s talent oversee and critique my work. A pleasure to work with!
— Hazel Gow, Lead/Senior Lighting Artist

Pat Imrie is quite possibly the best teacher I’ve ever had. Not only is he a very talented and knowledgeable 3D artist, but he’s also great at explaining his craft, very patient, dedicated to his students and extremely helpful. As an added bonus he also happens to be one of the nicest and most down to earth people you’ll probably ever meet.
— Stine Lund Børsting Jensen, Student at The Animation Workshop

During my time at University, Pat was an integral part of my development as a 3D artist. With an enthusiastic, hands-on approach to teaching, he made things easy to follow and understand. His creativity and technical knowledge are admirable.
— Owen McGonigle, Matte Painter / Environment TD at Double Negative

From being taught by Pat Imrie I have learned essential skills to work in 3D. Pat’s tutorials were easy to follow and an essential guide to carry on developing skills in 3D. With any question Pat was faced with, he was able to provide a clear and well-explained answer, not just teaching you how to do solve a problem but why you would do it in a certain way. I learned how to deal with 3D problems quickly and effectively.
— Stuart Turnbull, Modelling, Lookdev & Lighting TD at Framestore

Pat’s input into both Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses was invaluable. He showed great professionalism, skill and attention to detail when delivering his thoroughly planned workshops.
— Wayne Thomas, Animation Director

I’ve known Pat for a number of years, through the help and assistance he has given me. Through my development I have always asked for help and criticism, Pat has always been there to help and guide me.
His advice and knowledge has greatly influenced my work using his experience to help me develop my work to be the best it can be. This sort of mentorship not only produces better work every time I create something but also helps me develop personally as I can see the type of artist I would aspire to become when I have reached a certain stage in my career.
— Scott McLellan, 3D Artist at Solus